In the end, it seems that the fairly high cost and Lost Ark Gold effort required to exchange items with the Amethyst Shard Merchant is well worthwhile as they carry Rapport Supplies Chests, Crystalline Auras which last for 2 weeks, special legendary mounts and much more.

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Asmongold's initial Lost Ark stream was his biggest ever on TwitchTwitch famous Asmongold returned to his main channel with the introduction the channel Lost Ark with a broadcast which broke his record for maximum viewership of more than 285,000.On February 8, Asmongold was back on his primary channel following months of broadcasting from his zackrawrr channel that he had previously broadcast on.

On his return to the game, he made a promise that he'd like to try GTA RP within the next few months in an announcement that caused a lot of excitement because fans of his have been begging him to get into GTA for quite some time now.

His triumphant comeback also led him to peak in viewership levels he's never witnessed before.Asmongold surpasses his record for viewership

Thirty-one year-old Twitch streamer started the Lost Ark journey by finding that almost every variation of Lost Ark Power leveling his name has been used before.