A charity give-away is perfectly good. The exchange of runescape gold for sale favors, however, is not. Yes, I am talking about subscription codes. I've got around 7 Subscription codes (I think I've got them but I'm going to verify) that I haven't used so I decided to donate it to people whom cant afford to buy one.

I was thinking of doing similar to this: Create a thread regarding the giveaway and then I will ask questions like. Why should I give you a Membership? What is it that you enjoy about Runescape? What are you planning to do with the Membership? These questions will make it easier for me to choose an option that is most beneficial and will also keep members from selling the code , or to stop lazy spammers from receiving these codes.

"Normal" (as as in, not Nex) GWD armour is more than sufficient for the Slayer task. It's not a lot of money (for someone with your resources), doesn't need repair and offers offensive benefits. It is recommended to keep an Barrows set in every kind of fighting style (Verac's Ahrim's, Karil's and Verac's) for the few Slayer tasks that require a high level of defence.

Glacor boots are the best boots available. Barrow gloves are not very excellent anymore. They're hybrid gloves, so they may have some applications, however, if I were in your shoes I'd buy the TWW automaton gloves (Static, Pneumatic and Tracking). They are the gloves equivalent of Glacor boots.

Amulet of Fury is an excellent amulet. It is the best hybrid amulet in fact. If you've got money to spare, you might want to purchase a Saradomin's Hers (second top magic amulet ahead of Stream Neck), Murmur (currently the best melee amulet on the market) along with Whisper (best amulet with a range).

Melee weapons : If you don't have chaotics , you can buy Drygores. They're superior but quite expensive. If you're not willing to spend a lot of money then just use your Saradomin Godsword. (or take a course in Dung and get a maul)

Magic weapons you can buy Virtus Wand and Book, however, they're more expensive than Drygores. Seismic Wand and Lonely are a bit expensive right now, the ge price says the wand's worth is 500Mish but it is actually worth 2Bish. If you don't want to spend a lot , buy an Arma battlestaff, it's rs accounts not as good as the Chaotic staff, but it's better than SoL at least.