New World’s last major update was on January 25th with introducing Expedition Mutators. Expeditions are the dungeons of the New World, and despite the occasional puzzles, they’re a fairly forgettable bunch, especially those that players encounter as they level up. Mutators were introduced to spice them up, enhancing enemies with new abilities, and introducing mutations and dungeon rotations each week, offering a ladder and 10 difficulty levels for those with a competitive edge. Some players also buy New World Coins to expand their advantage.

These mutated dungeons also reward players with Umbral Shards. This is an essential item if players want to upgrade their weapons and armor to the highest gear score. This left a lot of players unhappy with the developers adding currency, but others were just happy to do more in New World’s bland endgame or stock up on enough gold to buy the items they wanted.

The January update, like the previous winter update, gave New World some much-needed variety. Besides the aforementioned Umbral Shards and Expedition Mutators, they also introduce a new weapon type, additional bonuses, and a new set of enemies. Naturally, many players complained Amazon didn’t add brand new dungeons or fix bugs they found egregious.

The demise of the local economy is a less fortunate one. Initially, each settlement had its own economy, and their trade posts were filled with things players could get in the area. This encouraged people to invest in settlements with easy access to the raw resources needed for their business or craft enterprise. But it also means that settlements in higher tier regions have relatively vacant trade posts. So players all want to get more New World Coins to get the items they want.

It’s reasonable to assume that this will change as more players hit the level cap, rather than waiting for Amazon to abandon the local economy completely for a unified trading post. Being a trader is not very attractive right now. Although many players are now lost, there are still some players who are determined to play it. If they want to be smoother in the game, then can help them. Go!