The first endgame event that players encounter in Lost Ark is Dungeons of Chaos. Their state is like their name, with waves of enemies swarming. All you need to do is remove them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don't be intimidated by Chaos Dungeons, though, they're actually pretty easy to do.

This article will guide you on how to use a few tricks to get the most loot from Chaos Dungeons. By the way,MMOWTS is selling low-priced, 100% safe Lost Ark Gold. If you need a lot of Lost Ark Gold during the game, you can visit MMOWTS to buy Lost Ark Gold at a discounted price.

Before you enter the Chaos Dungeon, you should first make sure you have a build designed to cause area effects. At this time, skills that can gather enemies together and attack a wide area are ideal. Check out the Tripod modifiers in your skills, they can change or improve your abilities.

For example, you can use a level 1 tripod to reduce the cooldown of Soul Fist's Crippling Barrier by 5 seconds. Also, a level 2 tripod increases damage by 10%, and a level 3 tripod allows you to pull enemies towards you at the end of the skill. In a short amount of time, you can turn a low-range skill into a powerful, wide-area attack skill that helps you take out large waves of enemies and pulls what it can't kill towards you.

Make sure you do the highest level Chaos Dungeon possible, how far you progress in the story and your item level will determine this. If you accidentally equip the wrong version, you can still safely replace it. All you need in Chaos Dungeons is the loot you get when you kill enemies, and each enemy drops equipment and materials. Also, if you are missing Lost Ark Gold during the game, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at a low price and 100% safety at MMOWTS.

When you start moving, enemies will start spawning. You can run in circles to separate them, then cast an ability to crush them. Try to keep attacking enemies to prevent them from attacking you, then jump into the instantly upgraded portal.

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