Methanol, also known as methanol, is a widely used chemical widely used for industrial purposes and is very common in our daily lives. The efficiency of LTS as an energy carrier has made it increasingly common as a fuel for factories and power generation. The potential of methanol as an environmentally friendly fuel is enormous, and as a promising resource in the new era of clean energy, demand worldwide is growing. MGC is the only comprehensive methanol producer with a comprehensive range of products and technologies supported by a global production network.

Methanol naturally ubiquitous

Methanol (methanol chemical formula) is an alcohol mainly made from natural gas. It is the basic material for acetic acid and formaldehyde, and has been increasingly used in ethylene and propylene in recent years. Mixing methanol with these substances to become an intermediate material can produce thousands of methanol and methanol derivatives, which can be applied in almost every aspect of our lives. Methanol and its derivatives, such as picric acid and formaldehyde produced through chemical reactions, are used as substrates for acrylic plastics; Synthetic fabrics and fibers used in clothing; Building adhesives, paints, and plywood; It is also a chemical reagent in medicine and agricultural chemicals. The endless application of methanol makes it ubiquitous in our lives and the entire society.

Mitsubishi Gas Chemistry - the world's only comprehensive methanol producer

In 1952, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company became the first company in Japan to successfully synthesize methanol from natural gas. For over a decade, MGC has been producing methanol and its derivatives at a factory in Niigata, northern Japan. In the 1970s, we increased our production capacity and established factories overseas to be closer to cheaper raw material sources to meet rapidly expanding demand and enhance our competitiveness. The developed manufacturing technology and natural gas extraction methods have propelled us to be at the forefront of the methanol industry and have begun efforts to establish a global production and sales network.