Defending champions Renault Vitality faced off in opposition to Rocket League Items NRG Esports within the Grand Finals. But whilst the Season 7 champs were recreation, NRG Esports squeezed out a championship victory, triumphing 2-1 in a interesting Game 7 that went to Overtime.

The 7th and very last recreation noticed each groups play defensively, with each crew capable of keep off some of shots from the other for the first two minutes. It became handiest after Justin "jstn" Morales become left on my own, pacing himself as he approached the intention, that he turned into able to rating, blowing up Kyle "Scrub Killa" Robertson within the procedure.

Both jstn and Garrett "GarrettG" Gordon knocked out capacity recreation-tying dreams in the final minute. But Victor "Fairy Peak" Locquet might no longer be denied, as he Rocket League Items Shopv narrowly squeezed in the game-tying aim amidst a crowd of defenders.