I'm sure I'll be able to answer more questions, but this is for starters. If anyone would like to see pictures of how I got the runescape cheap gold free membership, I've taken screen shots and it's still sitting on my desktop. Not sure why I got it, maybe it was an opportunity to test an offer they'll be offering in the near future?

What's the value? D-chain or berserker ring? Which is better? SS and above or the fury? Barrows: If I have black sallies, then for Karil/Ahrim which should I wear? If a ss is equipped with the same stats as whips, what makes it good for slaying? It has like no shield with it? Does the ss's special benefit count? Which one is more superior? SS or Brackish using DDef? How long would a d-def take to be obtained? How long would fighter's toros need to acquire?

Does the barrows special only function if you have the whole set? Do you have anything that you'd say is worth doing and is enjoyable? To slay, I've heard that the Cannon can attack and that you can attack. Should I take one to every task? What should my inv. appear like when I Slayer? What would my inv./gear look to be for barrels (Black sallies) What do I need to do it? Better to range or melee Ahrims/Karils? Do you have a guideline for sallies? What do I need to know about them? Should I sell my claws for money and equipment? If I want to take out green dragoners or green dragon bots... what's the best way?

How/what do I hybrid with in the safest minigame? The White FFA... Are there any good combos? W/o ancients. I just want to play around. I've got the recipe for the skull of the rift bot, but what happens to the more powerful bots? How do I summon something that is the level 15 summoning level for task slaying?

Do I need to change helms each time I switch styles? (Like Berserker to Archer to Farseer) What gear do I need to buy? (Like pots, etc.) Food, armor? I want to stock up properly as I want to be able to slay as much that I possibly can. What would my slaying. appear like? Shields for when you're on the move? Obby or Defender? Granite?

Lets say a monster has a weakness to stab and range. How can I target him when I don't own a weapon that stabs or does crush work just as well? Thorny snail vs Granite crab? Regen vs combat brace for slayer? It is better to melee or range dragons based on my statistics? Are there rings that can be used for multiple purposes? Mage/range/melee?

When you pray at 60, is the chivalry difficult to attain? For example, do you need claws or Fury? With Fury I could earn some cash. Are there any monsters that I can grind to gain profit from? Shield for p2p mage? Staff for mage p2p? 1K Blue drags vs slaying? Are there any bosses or other characters I can take on? Would you recommend the cape mini games torso? I'm 50-50 on it. Where is the best team which I am able to GWD with?