If you are a true crypto fan, then I’m sure that you undoubtedly know that, cryptocurrencies have gained a massive hype in the financial sector of our world. That has resulted in, more and more people taking steps in the crypto revolution over the past few years. And if you are a user of the MetaMask platform and looking for a new way to generate income, then you can try to take part in MetaMask staking. But, if you are unaware of how to do so, then take a deep dive with us in our further sections of this write-up.

In our further content, we will cover some benefits of staking via the MetaMask portfolio interface. Along with that, we will also cover an easy instructions guide that will help you to stake some amount of ETH through your MetaMask Chrome Extension.

Benefits of staking via MetaMask Chrome Extension:

There are several benefits offered by MetaMask that attract users for taking part in ETH staking, some of the common benefits are mentioned as follows,

  • Support liquid staking, which provides a receipt token to the stakeholders (a token that represents your stake). For example, if you stake ETH via “Lido” on MetaMask then you will receive “stETH”, and if you stake via Rocket Pool, then you will receive “rETH” as a receipt token. 
  • With its beginner-friendly interface, it offers an easy and convenient way to stake ETH.
  • Allow its users to earn up to 3.87% rewards on stake via “Lido Staked ETH” and 3.34% rewards on staking via “Rocket Pool Staked ETH”.
  • There is no minimum limit to participate in staking via “Lido Staked ETH”.
  • Lets its users exchange their stETH or rETH for ETH via swapping or direct withdrawal.

Steps to stake ETH through MetaMask Chrome Extension:

We have mentioned below an easy step-by-step guide that will help you stake some amount of Ether (ETH) through your MetaMask Chrome Extension.

  1. First of all, open the Google Chrome browser on your preferred desktop. 
  2. Launch your MetaMask Chrome Extension and then log in to your wallet.
  3. Once you unlocked your MetaMask Wallet extension, you need to hit on the “Portfolio” circular icon, located next to the “Bridge” icon.
  4. After clicking on the “Portfolio”, you will be redirected to the portfolio interface of the MetaMask platform. And if you are using the portfolio interface for the first time, then you need to connect your MetaMask Wallet to it by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” tab. 
  5. Navigate to the left side menu bar and then select the “Stake” option.
  6. Now, you can either choose “Lido Staked ETH” or “Rocket Pool Staked ETH” as your staking provider. In this step, I will recommend you to go with “Lido Staked ETH” because of its higher return percentage.
  7. Enter the amount of ETH in the “Send” text field that you wish to stake and then hit on “Review”.
  8. In the last step, you just need to click on “Confirm” to finish the entire process of staking ETH through the MetaMask Chrome Extension. 

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, staking ETH (Ethereum) via MetaMask Chrome Extension offers a convenient, reliable, and secure way for ETH holders to generate passive earnings or maximize their crypto investments. Along with that, the entire process of participating in staking ETH (Ethereum) through MetaMask Extension is quick, easy, and straightforward that can be done in just a few clicks.

We hope that the instructions mentioned by us in the above section of the write-up was helpful to you. But if you face any difficulty while participating in ETH staking through MetaMask then review the instructions and make sure that you follow the same steps as mentioned by us.