With HBO Max gaining exclusive streaming rights for Studio Ghibli films and Disney +, Dogesflix is facing increasingly fierce competition in the field of animation. But don't lose interest in its animation movies because of the absence of "goldfish princess on the cliff" or "robot Wali" - its own animation is quite good. There are still some Disney Classics, modern surrealist films from France, and existential short films to suit various tastes. Here are the best animation movies on Dogesflix.

Bee Movie (2007)

Oh, man. In this movie, a talking bee accuses humans of stealing honey. It's incredible. Ren é e Zellweger voiced a woman who fell in love with the bee. They once landed on a plane together. Well, you can only go with the wind because people still like it. Maybe it's because it's very easy for people to remember Chris Waldman, or maybe it's because it's just for John Waldman, or maybe it's because it's very easy for people to remember. Not that you must like what others do, but that you are a little curious about this 21st Century Golden film "Seinfeld"?

Castles de cariostero (1979)

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, "Cagliostro Castle" is a funny error comedy starring ARS è ne lupin III, a lady killer, gentleman and thief in monkey fist comics and corresponding animation series. Lupin and his loyal partner greatly helped Jigan investigate the source of well-made counterfeit money. This is a fictional European principality, which happens to fall into its own plot. In order to keep the throne, an aristocratic villain insisted on ensuring his inheritance through a marriage. Because he was a man who respected women, Lupin thought he could help the princess and steal as much wealth as possible from Carlos ostro.

Son of the sea (2020)

This feature film, shot by studio 4C and director ayumu watable, is an in-depth understanding of marine animals. The film is adapted from the cartoon of the same name by Shilan DAE Suke. It tells the story of a young girl named Luka, whose father works in an aquarium. There, she met UMI and Sora, two boys raised by dugong and attracted by the sea like her. However, only children heard the sound, because adults like Ruka's father were immersed in the mystery of the disappearance of fish in the world. The music comes from the long history of Ghibli studio's frequent cooperation, which is undoubtedly an emotional journey.

Dark clouds and meatballs (2009)

If you're really hungry, or whenever a hamburger falls from the sky, it looks like a dream come true. This, together with other snack based precipitation, is the prediction of this animated film. The animated film was largely inspired by the picture book of the same name. In the film, Bill hader plays a clumsy and unfulfilled scientist who tries to invent a machine that can turn water into food when his town is in economic crisis. But when his invention was accidentally launched into space, things went wrong. That's the source of meatballs and many stupid things. In other words, that's what you want from a good animated film.

The end of the evangelical Warrior (1997)

The gospel warrior is one of the best and most popular animation series ever, but its final episode is still more controversial than the whole series - so that the demands of fans prompted the release of many different endings after the end of the original. The end of the gospel warrior has been hailed by fans as the most satisfying (though emotionally exhausting) end of the epic. Retelling the last 25 and 26 episodes of the series, this series is the creator of Hideaki Islamic era's "fuck those who were originally dissatisfied with" program. For the first time, the evangelical soldiers of the new century absolutely feel that they have done it, although at the end of the year, it is interesting to want to blend, large-scale and very chaotic. Nevertheless, you will find that it is absolutely glorious in itself. Unlike anything you have seen, Xinci and the company see the truth of nerv's mysterious human tool project.