Some Lost Ark players have had very bad luck trying to hone their in-game gear, which has always resulted in their failure. Also, as an aside, if you need Lost Ark Gold, you can get Lost Ark Gold for cheap and 100% safe at MMOWTS.

The MMORPG game Lost Ark developed by Smilegate has been well received by many players, but this does not mean that the game is perfect and impeccable in terms of mechanics and design. While Lost Ark has become one of the top games on Steam, some players have Buy Lost Ark Gold found some balance issues worth mentioning. A Lost Ark player recently reported bad luck trying to hone items.

Lost Ark, like many other MMORPGs, has a lot of endgame content designed to allow skilled players to push their characters to the limit. Players need to improve their equipment through the in-game Gear Honing system, Honing gear can upgrade equipment and increase the level cap of items to 1000.

Unfortunately, however, the downside of Gear Honing systems is that they have only a limited success rate with each upgrade. So, if the upgrade fails, the materials used to enhance the item go to waste. Also, to make matters worse, even getting a high success rate doesn't guarantee that the upgrade will be fully effective. One Redditor shared a screenshot of two failed Lost Ark gear upgrades, which showed a 99% success rate, but he still failed.MMOWTS is the Most Trusted Supplier Of Lost Ark Gold.

Based on the screenshots, we can tell that the player is trying to enhance two items in the Epic Seraphic Oath set, the Seraphic Oath Pants and the Seraphic Oath Harp. Among them, the Seraphic Oath Pants are items that can be used by any higher class, while the Seraphic Oath Harp can only be used by the bard class. That's right, you can try different combinations of suit items in-game. The high failure rate also makes it impossible for players to play the game for free, they still have to spend some extra gold.

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