Since the introduction of steam iron, it has become very convenient to get a perfectly crisp iron without any hassle or fuss. Ironing can be a very exhaustive and time-consuming task for most people, but with the explosion of the 
latest technology and innovation, it doesn't have to be.

In a society where beauty is a virtue, most people are now increasingly aware of the importance of a garment safety iron to their clothing. As the purchase of well-fitting and stylish clothing increases, so does the need for efficient 
and aesthetically pleasing irons.

The iron converts electrical energy into heat. In a steam iron, electricity is passed through a special coil, which is heated and transfers all the heat to the soleplate of the iron. When fully hot, the water in the tank drips onto the 
plate to create steam. The steam is then blasted outwards, which softens the fibers of the fabric, giving you the perfect finish.