In earlier animal crossing games, the grass will wear out over time, eventually forming a path that marks your most popular route. Initially, some players found this deterioration annoying, partly because you couldn't control it, and partly because it introduced some problems. But with the appearance of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Path set off a wave of nostalgia. If you also want to join and give full play to your creativity, it is recommended that you Buy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets at, which is great.

In early June, Japanese player uploaded a pattern that mimics the traditional path in the old game-this time, you can determine the exact location of the path.

The post exploded and it was easy to understand why-its shabby and long aesthetics were pleasing. Since then, people have started to develop various variants on The Path so that different choices can be made for color, season, texture, and width. Some even added smaller details to modify the basic dirt path, such as small flowers or mushrooms. For example, the top picture of this article comes from the Twitter user Blossom Fairy, which strives to bring a more ethereal feeling to The Path. The core idea remains the same: find a way to describe a natural-looking grass degradation. If you do not use The Path, then you probably know someone or know someone.

This is a rare trend that has swept through hardcore circles and evolved into new forms while maintaining the original authorship. Most people who took inspiration from @Denim2_mori named it, even if no specific tags are attached to social media sites like Twitter (#thepathacnh, #thepath.) This is in common with the ideas that are generally popular in the New Horizons community The way they work is different-once things get big enough, the original creators tend to get lost in the mix. Ideas started to feel as if they belonged to a wider community, not a specific author. As people struggle to gain recognition or try to intellectually "copyright" specific design choices in vain, this trend, in turn, creates tension and controversy in peer relationships.

The path is undoubtedly more magnificent than anyone — Denim2_mori even admitted on Twitter that other people have the same basic idea, but it is encouraging that people still pay tribute to its origin. A month later, The Path still performs well, and fans create new works almost every day. This is a very special event. If you Buy Animal Crossing Bells at, you can show your creative ability and it is a great choice.