The inexplicable success story of Lost Ark continues, with yet another huge milestone broken. For this popular MMO, many players have already experienced a lot of interesting content in the game, and they have also prepared enough Lost Ark Gold to do more things in the game.

On Monday, Amazon Games and Smilegate announced Lost Ark has surpassed 20 million users worldwide. Besides regions where the action MMORPG is already live, the successful launch in the West alone brought in an additional 4.7 million players.

Christoph Hartmann, vice president of gaming at Amazon, said in a release that overall player enthusiasm for Lost Ark is rapidly picking up, as evidenced by the increase in global player numbers. Together with Smilegate, it committed them to supporting the growing community with a robust update roadmap for years to come.

However, with success comes growing pains. Server congestion was so severe during launch week that login queue memes were all over social media. Amazon Gaming soon installed another batch of servers for the European region, which seems to fix these issues, mostly.

It’s always hard to say when MMORPGs will gain a foothold on top of the initial player craze, but Lost Ark already has a ton of content from the original Korean version that Western fans will soon start seeing. So players can look forward to new content and have more fun by buying Lost Ark Gold/Items on It also provides power leveling services for players, and if they want to take shortcuts, then is the best helper. It can also provide players with the most comprehensive news and strategies. Try it!