While the rest of the versions that are available, including those 2k22 mt for PC, will have an enthralling and fascinating environment: the neighborhood of the past seasons will be transformed into an extensive theme cruise that of Cancha del Mar, much more modest in size and possibilities, but having a unique appeal of its own: not just does it present us with an original environment yet it offers an edgier experience to the player.

Yet again, MI NBA captures the essence of the enthusiasm for basketball and the NBA and takes it beyond the professional leagues. It means it is beyond the history is woven as we move forward, we will be constantly involved in the game of basketball. , surrounded by brands and activities that inspire us to create new games on urban fields as well as release shoes and take in the events and content offered.

Logically, in addition to the story itself, NBA 2K22 ties everything to a well-built progress system that adds new activities to play offline and online, like themed Fridays and usual periodic events. Constantly inviting us to experiment with the possibilities that the city or its Cancha del Mar can offer our players, they also allow us to unlock rewards, and, as a result, to leave game currency in our character created for the occasion.

Another pillar that is a part of NBA 2K22 is an experience that is completely different: the MyTEAM franchise mode, an extravagant stage of NBA collectible cards in which we can create our personal Dream Team and, in the process, play wildly with the top. Players from the past and today. This is especially true when is the first year that a new type of graph that is holographic has been created.

The basic idea remains the same as it was in previous years: start with the team that you have chosen, and then construct through luck and perseverance, the best team of players to ever play and compete in predefined challenges, offline modes, and all sorts of variety game online. The game rewards us for every little improvement and transforming our accomplishments into awards and encouraging us continue playing with very sweet rewards.

If you're looking for new features, the most attractive One is called MyTEAM Draft that is almost identical to FIFA's FUT Draft which is just as captivating: they're tournaments that qualify players with incredible prizes. Every time we launch an exciting new Draft there will be seven extremely impressive card packs and out of them , we will be able to select the 13 we like or are most interesting to assemble the definitive team.

This means that we have a very powerful new multiplayer component that allows us to continue to collect and participate in the rest of MyTEAM content. Sometimes it's because of desire to be greedy, other times out of an intentional promotion of FOMO syndrome, but buy Nba 2k22 Mt most all the time because simply because of fun and competition.