Top 10 brands of sports shoes
If you are looking for a comfortable and perfect pair of shoes, this is the one for you. Very comfortable and lightweight, and designed in a somewhat elegant style, its black and white color is very classic, and suitable for all the casual clothes you wear, as it is flat on the front, and on the back it is round in shape, this shoe has its own design and of course the presence of the Nike brand in white gives it a noticeable character.

Saucony Ride 7-2 .:


Saucony Ride 8 Review | Running Shoes Guru

The main characteristic of these sneakers is their lightness, they come in a variety of beautiful and full of life shapes, and of course they are lighter than before. They are suitable for fashion lovers, and they are made with a base that gives the heel from the back to the front great comfort, making each step durable, comfortable and stable, this shoe gives you movement more easily, while a number of internal parts have been dispensed with to make it lighter, and it It has a cotton lining that wicks away perspiration and moisture

your feet

The best soccer shoes.. Provides comfort, flexibility and elegant appearance

Puma Ignite PWRCOOL-3 .:


New shoes from "Puma", are the most in demand in the market among a large group of international brands. It's made of foam inside which gives you an incentive to jump higher, and run faster. This shoe has been used by one of the running champions in the world, it has better effect than before, also it does not make your feet sweat, it adjusts their temperature.

.: Adidas Ultra Boost-4

adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 -

This global brand, presenting this new and greatly comfortable shoe, this time built even better than before, with about 20% foam added inside, so it's more durable on the ground. With a classic style, not a lot of color, this advanced sneaker technology improves support and comfort while you're hitting your feet.

 Saucony Triumph ISO-5 .:



Shoes with bright colors, strong and very clear, distinguished from other brands of sports shoes, with an additional amount more than other foam, which provides comfort to your feet during exercise. Weighing in at 292 grams, it is very light and silky smooth on your feet.

: Nike Air Pegasus Zoom 31-6


This shoe gets this name, being the 31st generation of this ancient international brand of shoes, it is very light in your feet, with small units of holes on its surface from the front that let the air enter your feet. It took 16,000 research and hours to create and develop them to fit the comfort of your feet.

: Adidas Adizero Adios Boost 2.0-7


Weighing 228 grams, which is very light, this shoe has a "torsion system" to ensure the energy rushes by your feet, and at the same time, an energy store when your feet hit the ground, and is comfortable in every step forward you take.

: Newton Gravity III-8


The shoe has a bunch of padding in the bottom of the forefoot, thus helping your feet to stabilize well and not to sprain and get injured, and it is better than its predecessors from the Newton sneakers.

Goodbye to pain in the feet.. Comfortable sports shoes for work (photos)

Saucony Virrata 29



Weighing in at just 184g, it is the lightest shoe on this list of sneakers, and it's 18mm thick in the center of the feet, which gives it more padding to make it stand up to more pressure and strength.

Adidas Energy Boost 2-10 .:


Designed for all types of weather, this technology in the shoes gives a boost to maintain the energy your feet need to keep up with your workout, and it's very comfortable, and the color is strong and beautiful too.