Elden Ring is out, streamer LilAggy. Despite his five deaths, he recorded the game’s first completion time of less than an hour: 59 minutes, 38 seconds. The lack of Elden Ring Runes put a lot of players off. While the record will inevitably drop, managing this milestone so quickly after launch must be applauded as an incredible achievement.

LilAggy uses some of the designer’s intentional gameplay tricks. After about 12 minutes, he dies with a specific Virgin Abductor enemy, which then teleports the player to Volcano Manor. He also uses some warp skips FromSoftware didn’t intentionally include. Basically, he said, he repeatedly forced the game to spawn himself in the default location of the region it was in the last time he died. This all leads to him dying in the Farum Azula preview area, then spawning in the actual Farum Azula main area, and playing from there until the end of the game.

Other exploits he exploited include a trick that make the Godskin Noble inactive if the player enters the fog gate from the furthest distance. Because of katana’s bleed damage, the streamer chose Samurai as his starting class, then switched to Icrind Hatchet. The reason is a skill that is very useful for killing bosses.

LilAggy says it doesn’t scale with the player’s stats like a normal attack, and its damage is almost entirely dependent on the player’s weapon upgrade level. So he can dump all his upgrades on HP and FP losing no massive damage. The streamer thinks it should be possible in under 50 minutes, though that may depend on how quickly FromSoftware fixes some exploits here that should definitely not be in the game. But either way, it’s an amazing achievement. If players want better performance, they’d better buy https://www.iggm.com/elden-ring-runes at IGGM.com. It’s the most reliable service out there and it’s worth using.