Prepare to revolutionize your train travel experience with RailRecipe's groundbreaking train on food service. No more settling for bland and unappetizing train meals – welcome a gastronomic adventure that brings the magic of fine dining right to your seat. Embark on a delightful journey of flavors, convenience, and indulgence that's poised to transform the way you perceive food during your train travel.

About RailRecipe

With a strong foothold in the hospitality industry, RailRecipe is dedicated to elevating your train journeys into extraordinary culinary escapades. Our mission is to redefine how you enjoy food on the move. Through our innovative "Train On Food" service, we offer an exquisite menu curated to enhance your journey and create unforgettable memories.

Why Select Train On Food From RailRecipe?

1. Culinary Extravaganza

RailRecipe's extensive menu takes into account the varied palates of travellers and offers something for everyone. Our "Train On Food" service provides a variety of options to satisfy every craving, from traditional Indian delights to international cuisines.

2. Unwavering Quality

Our service is built on a foundation of quality. Through partnerships with carefully chosen eateries and suppliers, we guarantee that every dish served through our "Train On Food" service is made with the finest ingredients and adheres to the highest standards of sanitation for a delicious and secure dining experience.

3. Simple Ordering

Ditch the lengthy lines and subpar station food. The simple-to-use website and mobile app of RailRecipe make ordering "Train On Food" a breeze. It only takes a few clicks to choose your preferred dishes, provide the information for your train, and start your journey with a culinary adventure.

4. Punctual Delights

 Being on time is crucial, especially when travelling by train. Your "Train On Food" will be delivered on time thanks to the diligent team at RailRecipe, so you can enjoy every bite without worrying about delays.

5. Customization at Your Fingertips

We put a high value on your preferences. RailRecipe offers customization options to make sure your "Train On Food" experience perfectly suits your tastes, whether you're a vegetarian, have dietary restrictions, or simply want a tailored meal.

6. Accessibility across the entire country

RailRecipe is your travelling companion. No matter where your journey takes you, delicious food is always available thanks to our "Train On Food" service, which is offered at major railway stations all across India through an extensive network of partner restaurants.

7. Affordability Redefined

Savouring gourmet food while travelling by train does not have to be a luxury. With the variety of inexpensive options available on RailRecipe, you can enjoy delectable meals without going over your spending limit.


The "Train On Food" service from RailRecipe aims to improve your travel narrative as well as provide sustenance. Say goodbye to boring train food and set out on a culinary adventure that will make your trip more enjoyable, convenient, and luxurious. RailRecipe invites you to reimagine your train travel experience with an expansive menu, unwavering quality, simple ordering, prompt deliveries, customization options, and affordability.

Are you prepared to set out on a delicious culinary journey by train? With a "Train On Food" reservation from RailRecipe, you can enjoy every bite of your journey as a celebration of flavour.