What is ethylene glycol? Ethylene glycol is a common industrial chemical that is often used as a humectant. Ecolink provides high quality, bulk Ethelyn glycol that is a concentration of 80%-100% which is a high purity, virtually undiluted form of this chemical substance. Ethylene glycol is commonly used in products like antifreeze for chilling systems as well as for automobile engines. This chemical is also used in the production and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, polymers, inks, and an assortment of other products.


Benefits of Ethylene Glycol Use:

Comparatively low reactivity and flammability

Widespread and a broad variety of uses and purposes

Fantastic anti-freeze properties

Phenomenal electrical conductivity


Freeze Point Depression 


What Is Ethylene Glycol Used For?

Most common – Ethylene glycol is great for anti-freezeļ¼Œ for HVAC and chilling systems, automobile air conditioners, etc. Ethylene Glycol is also a great humectant and can be used in the production of non-consumable products like ink, and polymers.

Not Fit – Ethylene glycol is not fit for humectant use in food and beverage products as it is not safe to be consumed.