The best family movies on Dogesflix are like this: they never grow old. From Dogesflix's original film "princess's switch" to the early popular film "what girls want", this streaming platform will provide you with the next movie night suitable for family viewing.

Recently, with the progress of self isolation and social alienation, you may have more such experiences than usual. Isolation is very difficult, so you should find happiness and happiness wherever you are. If you feel bored with your family, watch a family movie loved by all ages, which can help you break the deadlock. But even if you just decide what to watch, playing your favorite childhood movie and relaxing a little will make you feel good.

The following five family movies are the best family movies on Dogesflix. Seriously, you can't be wrong about these choices. Write them all on a piece of paper, put them in a bowl, and then choose them at random. No matter what you draw, you will be satisfied. Guarantee.

"Full of joy" (2018)

Emily Blunt replaces the classic role of Julie Andrews as a magical nanny who returns to Michael banks' life. Now Michael has grown up and has three children of his own. "Joy all over the world" is as pleasant as ever. At the same time, Lin Manuel Miranda, who also starred in the role of Jack, offered new music for the film, which is bound to become another classic for children and families in the next few years.

Bolt (2008)

Potter is a bit like Truman's world, but it's for dogs. You see, bolt (John Travolta) and his owner Penny (Miley Cyrus) have been starring in a TV series for many years, in which he uses his "super power" to rescue penny from various villains - but he thinks this is his real life, not a fictional work. So when penny was "kidnapped" in a gripping episode, he fled the set to find her. Obviously, he experienced some adventures in the process.

Magic mirror (2012)

The Grimm brothers' version of snow white, but make it suitable for the whole family. The mirror tells the story of snow white (Lily Collins). She is an orphan who is exiled into the forest by the evil queen (Julia Roberts). The film is not all bad stories: snow white meets the prince played by the lovely Amy hammer and falls in love with him.

Christopher Robin (2018)

Ever wonder what Winnie the Pooh's childhood best friend Christopher Robin will look like when he grows up? Now, Robin lives in London. He has started a new task to help Winnie find Tigger, Yi'er, piggy and his other friends. Oh, Robin is played by Ivan McGregor.

Despicable me (2010)

In this classic film, Gru (Steve Carrell) should be a super villain. His evil plan is to steal the moon with the help of his little yellow man (you can recognize it in lunch boxes, backpacks and many more popular goods). Unfortunately, his three little girls (Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gail and Elsie Fisher) proved that he was not as bad as he thought.