A homeless ex-soldier Action movie finds himself entangled with a million dollar kidnapping when two companies are due to merge over a humanity-altering scientific breakthrough. Written by, directed by, and featuring Harley Wallen, indie film Eternal Code is an action-packed thriller with high stakes and no brakes.

Damien Chinappi Action movie plays the aforementioned war vet Corey, whose glum days of sitting on park benches begging come to an end when the daughter of a CEO (Erika Hoveland) comes crashing into his life. Finding purpose in her dangerous situation, Corey springs into Action movie and puts his combat skills to good and deadly use.

Audiences who enjoy their cinema light on substance but drenched in quickfire entertainment will likely find Eternal Code a foot-to-the-floor frolic in the right direction. Characters are either stupendously heroic or cartoonishly villainous, with very little reasoning in between but still intriguing enough.

Aspects of the movie were quite wooden or lacking in polish. The acting varies from being passably efficient to wildly hammy. Certain sequences were written like a twelve-year-old had penned them, such as the vague explanations of brain transplants or the gaggle of goons making various threats over mobile phones. That being said, a solid layer of emotional investment is made using the chemistry between the players. Hoveland delivers a particularly memorable turn as the influential and didactic leader of her father's company. Her anxiety over the consequences of what her company may be about to release upon the world is very compelling.