Whenever the new year arrives in the summer, the well-known sports game developer EA Sports will start preparing for the release of Madden series of new games. During this period, not only the loyal fans of the Madden series will pay attention to the news of the game, those athletes in the NFL will also have enough interest in the game.

As a real sports simulation game that reflects the reality as a selling point, every player in Madden 21 corresponds to Buy Madden 21 Coins a real athlete. According to the actual performance of the players on the field, the statistics of the corresponding players in the game will also change and be modified in real time. EA Sports has recently started rating all players in Madden 21, which is very interesting. Because there is no way to accurately digitize the physical qualities of all players, the Madden 21 developers chose to rating based on their performance in the game. The result of this is that most players usually get a reasonable rating, while all other players may be overestimated or underestimated.

From the current situation, some players are very dissatisfied with their ratings in the game. And some players are very satisfied, such as Matt Ioannidis from Washington. As a defensive lineman, he has always been very confident in his physical strength. And his Strength rating in Madden 21 reached an astonishing 98 points, ranking second in the NFL, only one point lower than the number one Aaron Donald. Want to learn more about Madden 21? Please visit MMOSPT, MMOSPT will provide players with the safest MUT 21 Coins.

Entering his fifth season, Ioannidis only ranks behind Aaron Donald in terms of strength in Madden 21, which could be a pretty big feat when one considers that Donald trains with knives to remain ready. back Derrius Guice chimed in on Instagram with a fairly bold claim, joking "I'm stronger" than Ioannidis within the comments of a post about the rating.

Ioannidis' full rating has yet to be shared, though leaked ratings have him because the second-best Washington player at 86, but the strength rating bodes well for his overall showing regardless of what.

Madden rating aside, the defensive lineman are a very important a part of what's a talented front seven in Washington. Underrated sometimes, Ioannidis recorded a career-high 8.5 sacks in 2019. With such a lot of talented pass rushers and only such a large amount of blockers, there is a chance he could top that in 2020.

At the same time, other Washington players have mixed their ratings in Madden 21. Chase Young, a rookie who has been performing well all season, received the highest overall rating of all rookies, reaching 80 points. Another veteran, Terry McLaurin, thought his rating was low. He was only 82 on the court with an offensive desire, which made his fans very dissatisfied. Adrian Peterson earned the lowest rating since his career started in Madden 21, only 78 points.

But in any case, Ioannidis's strength has been recognized by everyone, and this year is a promising year for Washington. If you are interested in Madden 21 and want to form your own powerful team in the game, then you can visit https://www.mmospt.com/madden-21-coins and add it to your favorites. Because you can buy cheap Madden 21 Coins at MMOSPT.