Just as zeroes follow, but rather increase and excel to become the final result of better quality and more efficiency, and these conditions are:

1- The floor and walls of the tank (to be cleaned), both internal and external, must be smooth, easy to clean, and not accumulate a lot of sediments and wrinkles.
2- The tank must be well insulated in a precise way to facilitate its cleaning from the inside
3- There must be a pipe for excess water in anticipation of any malfunction associated with filling from the tank in order to drain the surplus water from the upper tank to the ground tank
4- The parts of the tank must be made of the finest and strongest stainless materials such as iron or tin, and these materials are required to be healthy and do not affect the properties of water or negatively affect human health in the event of water accumulation.
5- The customer must continue cleaning and sterilizing tanks twice a year to maintain the tanks
relies on the strongest Filipino workers, distinguished pioneer, trained and specialized in all cleaning work for safes, apartments and villas, and this is the only company that you can trust in cleaning water tanks because they care about the customer's health and work on his comfort and they are the best company to clean tanks in Riyadh they provide this service through the best and latest modern technology in this field because they have great experience, and the company's team takes several specific cleaning steps and is standardized to give the best results, such as:
- The work team opens the laundry lock in order to empty the water loaded with sediment and dirt from the tank to become completely free of any sediments
2- Then it takes out the floating materials on the top of the tank surface and the sediments from inside it
3- Then comes the step of scrubbing the inner surfaces of the tanks with a stiff brush, then rinsing with water, if the tanks are large
4- In the case of small tanks that do not have a suitable opening for the entry of individuals, we direct a severe and abundant water fountain to the surfaces of the internal tanks, and this fountain is strong in pumping to the degree that allows the Sediment stuck to the walls of the tanks to be broken up

5- Then the team of  شركة تنظيف خزانات بالمدينة المنورة fills the tank and empties it with water again and again to make sure it is rinsed well