Are you annoyed when randoms appear in wild ways ?... while you're about kill someone RuneScape Gold. If you're playing melee and..M.O.M.pops in with one of his (no offense)annoying box. When your Ex: at Gdz and the sandwich lady is out, and you don't observe the screen and they swat you with their pkers (doesnt actually happen, but you have the impression)..

Maybe we don't have many people who experience these , however i have experienced at the very least two randoms at Wildy.. I'm just trying to point out that we shouldn't be getting randoms in wildy because there's no space for drops/etc.

Besides, jagex used randoms to help players get rid of boredom and fatigue.. It doesn't matter if you are pking or not, i dont think u will run into many macroers in the future... monotonous repetitive it was built to support?

I was contemplating ways to construct 99 the other day and I thought to myself "why doesn't there exist a thearte space?' so I came up this idea: this room is likely to consume a lot of space , so why not make it divided into different rooms! E.g. back stage, stage/audiance extension Old School RuneScape Gold, stage/audiance stage, stage room (for purchasing your tickets and food to eat).