Following growing concerns within the Lost Ark community that the game was becoming increasingly pay-to-win, Amazon and Smilegate have shared a message with the game's players.

Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG have found the experience of launching Lost Ark in the western hemisphere to be a wonderful, humbling, and invaluable learning opportunity.
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Over the course of the past year, we've spent late nights brainstorming solutions, hopping onto western servers to play together, and now looking forward to what's next. According to the developers, "as we continue to learn from our players' feedback and dive into data, our goal is to remain transparent (and sometimes brutally so) with our players."

Argos is a Lost Ark boss who was introduced in the March update, and players must defeat him in order to buy cheap Lost Ark to the Abyss Raid level. Amazon and Smilegate, on the other hand, revealed that a number of players have expressed reservations about Argos' March launch.

Amazon and Smilegate revealed that a large proportion of players had not yet progressed past Tier 3, and as a result, the general consensus was that Lost Ark had begun to feel like a Pay-to-Win experience.

We didn't want players to feel rushed in their quest to reach item level 1370, the developers wrote in their blog post.

When it came to making Argos available at launch, we considered it a stepping stone that would allow players to bridge the gap between the Abyss Raid and the end-game activities that have yet to be released in the Western version of Ark: Survival Evolved.

Afterwards, Amazon and Smilegate acknowledge that they made a mistake by releasing their March update so soon after the game's launch, citing data from previous Smilegate launches as the reason for overestimating player progression.

Amazon and Smilegate have both admitted that they were a little too enthusiastic about the release of Lost Ark and apologized for any confusion that this caused among their respective communities.

In the meantime, we appreciate the patience and support we've received from the community as we continue to learn from one another and update our roadmap.

Rather than releasing new end-game content too soon, the Lost Ark team will instead concentrate on an update that will assist players in making Lost Ark gold for sale with the content that is currently available in the game, according to the team.

New end-game content, on the other hand, will still be released in the future.

The introduction of end-game content will take place, but players should continue to Lost Ark gold at their own pace.

Our goal is to provide players with entertaining content, even if it is at a higher level, without ever making them feel pressured into believing that they must pay in order to progress.

Besides that, the Lost Ark team has assured fans that more skins and classes will be added to the game in the coming months and years. Although Amazon requests that players be patient, it will provide more details in the upcoming roadmap, which we are currently developing with Smilegate RPG in our studio this week. You can read the full message from Amazon and Smilegate by clicking on the following link.

Earlier in March, Amazon announced that Lost Ark had reached a milestone of 20 million global users, with more than 4.7 million new players joining the community in the first three days of its release. The game's impressive numbers also helped it to become the second-most played game on Steam ever in terms of concurrent players, trailing only PUBG in that category.