Tractors are considered the must-have farming machine in today’s era of mechanisation in the Indian agriculture industry. However, farmers need to ensure various factors such as the latest tractor price, mileage and other similar details before buying the desired tractor. 

Top-Class Tractor Brands In India

Captain Tractors

Farmers have trusted Captain for their high-quality tractors and farming equipment. This brand is widely popular in terms of delivering budget-friendly agricultural products. Moreover, buying a Captain tractor will result in better-quality crops. With the latest features and fuel-efficient performance, Captain tractors are reliable for carrying out farming operations. Along with this, tractors from Swaraj are available for mini farms and orchards in India. Therefore, this brand helps to provide tractors for every farming need. Moreover, the price range of Captain tractors is Rs. 3.29 to 5.00 lakh in India.  

Kubota Tractors 

Kubota is another famous tractor manufacturer, delivering the best-quality tractors in India. Farmers trust Kubota tractors for farming because they can help execute farming operations easily. Furthermore, we can accomplish an improved crop yield with the help of a Kubota tractor. Apart from this, the models come with features such as comfortable seating and sufficient fuel tank capacity for longer field activities. Also, Kubota tractors are listed at a reasonable price range. The price of Kubota tractors starts from Rs. 4.30 to 11.03 lakh in India, which is according to the budget of Indian farmers. 

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