Installing software is quite easy and so its uninstallation is. With a few taps, we can install the software and can wash them out whenever we want. But, the problem lies when we unwillingly or by mistake delete software that carries our intact trade or fund data. 

We are here referring to the MetaMask -  a hot, web3 crypto wallet, that you might be well aware of.

Several users have reported that they accidentally deleted the MetaMask extension relating to which they further asked if they will be able to retrieve their wallet data or not. After noticing this concern of the investors, we decided to investigate the issue, and we are here with its answer. 

To know what is it, scroll down the read to the very end.

Is it really possible to delete the MetaMask extension accidentally?

To be very straightforward, there are negligible chances of getting your MetaMask extension or wallet’s mobile app deleted accidentally. It is so because there are a few steps that are to be performed in sequence to delete it from your device.

However, if in any case, it happens, then you need to get the MetaMask-supported extension installed on your mobile device and get your wallet imported on that device.

Getting an extension installed on your device

As mentioned in the above section of the read, if you mistakenly delete the wallet extension, then you need to get it installed again on your device. To do so, you need to visit the official website of MetaMask and from there you can check out all the browser extensions that are supported by the wallet. Further, you can install the previous wallet extension or can even pick up the new one. 

The official page of MetaMask is the best place to download MetaMask extension which is authentic. Select the extension that you want to install and after that complete the on-instructions to finish the installation process.

Installation complete?? - What to do next?

Considering, that you have installed the MetaMask Chrome extension (it can be any other extension also), the next step that you need to take after that is to import the wallet. In order to import the wallet, you must have the wallet SRP (Secret Recovery Phrase) secured with it. After installation, open the extension and then select import the wallet option. Enter the wallet seed phrase accurately in the asked field followed by completing the prompted actions. This is the simplest way through which you can get your old wallet data back.

Final Words

MetaMask extension is just another way of accessing the wallet. Till you have the wallet recovery phrase, you can easily recover your wallet data by mentioning it on the asked page. Alternatively, you can also retrieve your wallet if you have access to the device on which you were operating the wallet. Thus, to remove hurdles, it is always suggested to keep an offline note of the wallet SRP.