Do you find it offensive? Cool. It's not like anyone would ask you to select it. It's not going to take away from your accomplishments. If it was there many more people could be encouraged to try these games that you hold in such a respectable manner. Maybe (and there's another elephant at the center) are they considered so extremely, just due to Elden Ring Runes the satisfaction of having endured to the end?

But, the devs have talked about the topic and for now that it's not something they are planning for introduce.Fair enough. I'm progressing as it is, slowly but surely.I think about it the possibility that FromSoftware introduced a 'harder' game difficulty... could this be okay?

Elden Ring's playing time is close to two days on Steam

It seems people are really taking a liking to Elden Ring. That's what the statistics on average playtime show.Not that the ludicrous critical praise, record-breaking audience on streaming platforms, and staggering sales figures don't confirm Elden Ring's success already. The free Chrome Extension Steam Augmented reveals some interesting information about Elden Ring on cheap Elden Ring Items the PC.