He shattered all expectations of what a pro quarterback's career arc is supposed to be like And it was culminated with yet another Super Bowl win as a Patriot Mut 22 coins. In a surprisingly forgettable game and a surprisingly boring game, the Patriots did away with the Rams with a 13-3 final score that did not require much of Brady to be different. This would be his final Super Bowl as a Patriot however it wasn't his final overall.

Brady's overall record of 99 seasons was past him, in the end, but he still a dominant player on gridirons, both real as well as virtual. His final season with the Patriots came to an end in the initial week of playoffs. several former Patriots and players from the Titans defeated him in Foxboro, and it looked that the Brady-Pats union was about to come to an end.

But Brady wasn't done with the game just yet, despite the fact that his home away from home was asking for him to leave. With only 24 touchdowns in the year, Brady's average performance was the cause of his subsequent drop in rating Madden, but we'd come to learn that what Brady was lacking was a roster that had several more gifted targets.

Suddenly donning the jersey of the Tampa (Tompa?) Bay Buccaneers, Brady looked like a frog out of the water of Florida however, not for long cheap mut coins. The transition from one fantastic coach to another definitely helped and the ragtag Patriots receivers from his last season during his time in New England were suddenly swapped with stars like Mike Evans and Chris Godwin--and and, oh yeah, Gronk came out of retirement to join the team too.