Recently, the World of Warcraft movie Warcraft mainly talked about the classic knowledge of World of Warcraft, and wanted to create a world that satisfied fans and new players. Sadly, the purpose of this movie has not been achieved, and even with many negative reviews and low box office, it has failed miserably. However, this one seems to be just the WOW Classic Gold beginning of the movie trilogy, and fans still have a lot of expectations for Warcraft.

Making online games into successful movies is actually very difficult. In the past few years, the producers of the films "Detective Pikachu" and "Sonic" have learned a lot from the mistakes of many cross-border movies, so they can succeed. However, there are still many people who are optimistic about the development of the World of Warcraft movie. Not only do they have a large number of game materials that can be made into attractive stories, but also have a strong team behind them.

The director of World of Warcraft movie Duncan Jones has high praise in the society, and before the movie was released, Jones clearly expressed his adoration and love for the World of Warcraft game, he also has many ideas to achieve, for example, how to use The story of the first movie goes on as a sequel. And in response to the tweets that promoted the original movie, Jones detailed how he would join the movie. This is followed by the third movie, which will focus on one battle, mainly to Cheap WOW Classic Gold and achieve "Durotan’s promise to give his people a new home."

Although Jones has a detailed understanding of the canon, and also pointed out the direction of the delayed management rights, it does not allow fans to have a deep understanding of the story and quality of the movie. Jones also tweeted that they would make any sequel public, but players would have to switch to the frequently updated World of Warcraft game in order to obtain novel themes.