The electrical system presents a unique difficulty for automobile owners. Even though modern cars' electrical systems are more complex and sophisticated tools are needed to fix them, the basic layout of the suspension repair Boughton Monchelsea hasn't changed in 30 years. Voltage fluctuations are the root of many everyday driving issues. This is because modern cars are increasingly controlled by computers, and even a slight fluctuation in voltage can cause the controls to malfunction, necessitating maintenance. Loose connections and corrosion, especially at the battery posts, are the root causes of most automotive troubles.

You can't just place a voltmeter on the battery and call it good. No typical "do-it-yourselfer" has access to professional-grade diagnostic tools for vehicle maintenance and repair. A trained auto electrician familiar with your vehicle type and make is your best bet for a precise diagnosis.

If you stick to these guidelines, you can help the electrical system last longer:

First of all, make sure your battery and all of its connections are always clean so that you don't overwork your starter and the cover vents. This will also ensure that the potentially explosive gases produced by your battery can escape.

Second piece of advice: while shopping for a new battery, choose one with the same or greater CCA rating (cold cranking amps) as the old one, and check that the "group size" is the same or suitable with the battery tray and cable connections.

Because different vehicles have different electrical systems, you should always double-check the voltage of the running vehicle before attempting to jump-start your vehicle with it. For instance, the overvoltage from a system operating at 14.5 volts can severely harm a system operating at 12.6 volts. Only use the voltage from the other battery if you can.

Tip #4: To reduce the strain on the battery and starter, turn off all of the car's primary electrical components before starting the engine.

Fifth piece of advice: every two years, or whenever you take your car in for servicing for a driving issue, have the electrical system thoroughly checked and tested.