Teenage social media use linked to less life-satisfaction for some - BBC  News


UK study in Nature Communications Shows the same pattern for boys aged 14 to 15 and boys and girls aged 19.Scientists speculate that social media vulnerability at certain ages may be linked to brain,

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hormonal and social changes during adolescence.They say more research is needed to fully understand and prove the connection.Researchers from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford and the Donders Institute for Brain,

Cognition and Behavior say social media companies need to share more of their data with scientists. so that further research can be carried out.Experts say social media can be a force for good, such as helping young people stay socially connected during the coronavirus pandemic.

'Brain development'

Lead researcher Dr Amy Orben said the link between social media use and mental health is very complex. The results of studies so far have shown mixed results.

She added: "Changes within our bodies such as brain development and puberty. and in our social situations It seems to make us weak in specific moments of life.