The global copper coated films market held a market revenue of US$ 3 Billion in 2021. The demand for copper coated films is expected to exceed a valuation of US$ 9 Billion, exhibiting growth at a CAGR of around 7%-9% during the forecast period (2022-2032). Copper foil is widely used in the electronics sector for lamination and insulation of electrical goods. However, due to the high cost, there is an increasing need for alternatives such as copper coated films.

End users are varying conductivity, which is increasing the use of copper coated films due to their capacity to generate conductive layers of varying thickness. This is expected to boost sales of copper coated films in the electrical and electronics, as well as industrial sectors.

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Market Competition-

Key players operating in the global copper coated films market include

  • Dunmore Corporation,
  • Remtec Inc.,
  • Avery Dennison Corporation, among others.

Leading players are adopting business strategies such as acquisitions, mergers, collaborations, and partnerships to expand their consumer base. Some of the players are focusing on advancing their manufacturing technologies to improve the product line.

Copper Coated Films: Dynamics 

Increasing demand for copper coated films in labelling, decoration, lamination and insulation applications are expected to drive the global demand for copper coated films. The use of copper coated films has risen at a significant rate during the past few years owing to its superior conduction properties over counterparts such as aluminum foils. Electronics industry is one of the most prominent end use industry for copper coated films.

Increased use of semi-conductor equipment in manufacturing and automotive industries is expected to fuel the demand for copper coated films during the forecast period. Moreover, the glossy appearance coupled with superior bond strength of copper coated films enables the manufacturer to use them for labelling applications. 

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 Manufacturers are enhancing features in their existing product lines and offering customized conductivity and thickness to cater to specific needs of end use industries. For instance, 

  • Dunmore Corporation, one of the leading manufacturer of metallized films, provides both unprotected and coated copper substrate for copper coated films. The company provides non-corrosive coating to protect copper thin film from corrosion 

Copper Coated Films: Regional Outlook 

Geographically, the global copper coated films market has been segmented into seven key regions which include, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excl. Japan (APEJ), Middle East & Africa (MEA) and Japan. Western Europe and North America are expected to remain dominant in the copper coated films market due to growth of the automobile industry. Asia Pacific is expected to witness an increase in demand for copper coated films due to the rise in electronics manufacturing activities in the region. 

Emerging economies of Latin America region are expected to have lucrative opportunities for the growth of copper coated films market which can be attributed to rapid growth in manufacturing and industrial production sector. Numerous infrastructure projects are being initiated in Latin America such as the Integration of the Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA), such initiatives are expected to boost the industrial output and is anticipated to lead to rise in demand for copper coated films in the region during the forecast period.

Which are the Factors Limiting the Sales of Copper Coated Films Market?

Use of aluminum foils and copper foils due to their bond strength, flexibility, and conductivity is increasing in the automotive, aerospace, military, and manufacturing sectors. This is expected to limit the sales of copper coated films in the near future.

Also, the fluctuating prices of copper and lack of availability and supply in the developing economies might hinder the growth in the market. Furthermore, changing need for high battery energy density, conductivity, and other features to enhance the efficiency and durability of various equipment is projected to inhibit the demand for copper coated films.

Key Segments Profiled in the Copper Coated Films Market


  • Up to 25 Micron
  • 25-50 Micron
  • 50-100 Micron
  • More than 100 Micron

Substrate Material:

  • Polyamide (PA)
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
  • Woven and Non-Woven Fabrics
  • Others (Aluminum, etc.)


  • Lamination
  • Decoration
  • Labelling
  • Insulation

End Use Industries:

  • Automotive
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Industrial
  • Others

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