Rocket League Update Comes With a Big Surprise

A new Rocket League update is dropping the following day and it comes with a massive wonder for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X gamers. More mainly, Psyonix and Epic Games have announced that Haunted Hallows is returning day after today, October 14, and while it does, it's bringing back the 2016 version of the Batmobile, some thing enthusiasts were begging for.

 Accompanying the go back of the popular automobile, the 1989 model is likewise being brought again as is The Dark Knight's Tumbler. Each automobile will go back through the Item Shop, and each will come with a new Reel Life Decal to RL Items  offer them their signature black color from the films. Rounding this up is three new Bat-Signal Goal Explosions, from three extraordinary eras. Each of these will be to be had individually or through the Batman Halloween Bundle, which incorporates all three Goal Explosions and all three motors.

That's not the end of the Batman content material although. There's additionally a new Joker Dominus Decal and Boost, a Gotham's Finest Merc Decal, Harley Quinn Wheels and Topper, Poison Ivy Boost, a loose Dark Knight Player Title while logging in, and more, all of which can be visible in the trailer above.

The Halloween event may also encompass the Gotham City Rumble, a "new twist" on Rumble. While the gameplay will be the identical, there will be now energy-u.S.Themed after Batman and his enemies. Meanwhile, the event also includes an all-new Arena variation inside the shape of Beckwith Park (Gotham Night). This Arena makeover can also be visible inside the trailer above. 

The occasion is about to Buy RL Items begin tomorrow and run until November 1. For extra records and media on it -- and for greater information on how plenty a number of the aforementioned content material will cost.