Additionally, WEBZEN continues to run a Refer-as-Friend promotion that runs until March 16th SUN Classic Heim. If users send their referral URLs for pre-registration with friends They will be rewarded with free in-game rewards including Runestone 5, 5 Blessings from the Goddess' 5 Master's Kit, and plenty more.

WEBZEN is a leading global developer and publisher of various of PC and mobile games, such including MU Origin 2, MU Origin, MU Archangel, MU Online, Shot Online, Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) The Metin series and an array of thrilling game titles that are scheduled to be released in the world game market.

WEBZEN has increased its publishing services for Europe, North and South America and other countries through operating its world-class game portal 'Webzen with 50 million players globally. WEBZEN is also leading the expansion of IP (Intellectual Property) franchises and partnerships with a variety and creative collaborators.

Webzen has announced they'll be bringing the event back, and it's on the way. SUN Classic launches today, and will take players back to the glory days of the year 2006's Soul of the Ultimate Nation. The brand new game gives players an abundance of MMO content with three distinct dungeons. Classic is intended to give players new beginnings as well as provide enhancements, like a smoother progression experience, improved graphics and more.

At launch, SUN Classic is available in 4 languages: traditional or simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English and can be downloaded on Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. It will be made available in other countries in the future. Webzen is celebrating the debut of SUN Classic with a series of events, including the Daily Check-In Event as well as the Level Up Event buy SUN Classic Heim, and an AC Challenge Event. The events will be running until 7 April.