Strongholds double as Lost Ark's Lost Ark Gold player's home and crafting tools. The ability to unlock them is available at about level 25 your stronghold functions as a base of operations for crafting, researching new tools, and completing every day tasks. You can also decorate and live inside your castle like other MMO houses, but Lost Ark's strongholds offer much more than what you can get from it.

The most important function of your strength is to make potions for healing and other battle items to aid in the final game. If you do not want to invest thousands in Gold buying consumables from others, you'll want invest in your stronghold. You get plenty of other benefits by doing this, such as unlocking the ability to passively complete every day tasks and boost your alternate characters up to 50 levels.

You will be given an encampment after you've completed this "Clerk Theo's invitation" quest. The quest can be completed by the return to Luterra Castle, an event which takes place in the main narrative around level 25. Follow the quest line to unlock your castle and its associated song of fast travel.

If your stronghold is not locked cheap Lost Ark Gold the property won't reach its full potential. Additional options for your estate can be obtained by completing quests you've obtained from your stronghold, completing research projects, or increasing the power that your house enjoys.Be sure to utilize your personal storage before setting out on an adventure , to prevent having an inventory that is clogged.