Unable to load the balance on the MetaMask app? Try these tips

If you are a regular user of MetaMask app, then you must be aware of the fact that it always gives you a smooth user experience and is meant to work without giving you any kind of technical glitches. To use the functionalities of this wallet on the go, a lot of users choose to go ahead with installing MetaMask app on their devices. While this app seems to give you a glitch-free experience, at times, it may come up with some errors or glitches.

One such problem that users often come across while using this wallet on their mobile devices is that they are not able to load their current balance. So, instead of getting annoyed, one should try to figure out the reason why this is happening. Once you are able to find that out, it will become easier for you to understand what you are supposed to do in such a scenario.

Why is the MetaMask app unable to load the balance?

Among various reasons, the main reason why you are unable to fetch your balance through your MetaMask app is due to the following reasons:

  • You are using an incorrect token balance
  • The MetaMask app that you are using needs an upgrade
  • The MetaMask website servers are facing glitches or are under maintenance

Fix issues related to fetching balance on MetaMask 

  • Restarting the app could help 

The first thing that you are supposed to do when you are unable to load your wallet balance on MetaMask is to restart your app. At times, restarting your mobile device also helps resolve some minor issues with MetaMask.

  • Update the MetaMask app 

Well, this is one of the best solutions that help you eliminate a lot of issues while you try to work your way with MetaMask. So, navigate to the Google Play Store on your Android device or App Store on your iPhone and tap the "Update" option for your MetaMask app. If you are not able to update the app from your particular application store, then you need to navigate to the official MetaMask website and then install the latest app updates from there.

  • Use a different blockchain network

To choose a different network on MetaMask, you need to sign in to your MetaMask app and then tap on the drop-down icon present next to your current network name. From the given menus, select "Add Network". Further, you need to add the details of your preferred network and you are good to go.

  • Give MetaMask necessary permissions 

Well, it is important to note that MetaMask requires some access to your mobile device to carry out some of its functions. Hence, you need to go to the MetaMask app menu and make sure all the necessary permissions are enabled. If not, then take the necessary steps to do so. Once you are done with that, you may try to fetch your wallet balance one more time.

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Concluding thoughts: 

If you are unable to fetch your balance even after trying out all the given measures, then you may install the wallet extension instead of the MetaMask app and make the required transactions from there. At times, the device and the wallet app might not show compatibility and hence this should not stop you from using MetaMask any further.