In a few dozen days, we are about to usher in Madden 21. This is a new work in the Madden series. Compared with the previous games in the series, Madden 21 has added a lot of new features, such as new playbooks and new celebration actions. As one of the best football simulation games, the Madden series has always had many loyal fans. They are very concerned about the MUT 21 Coins news related to the new game and hope to find the information they want from it.

Recently, a news about the change of team name and logo in the game has attracted the attention of players. According to the introduction of well-known game media, Madden 21 developer EA Sports announced that Madden 21 will usher in the last modification before its official release next month. The main content of this revision is to replace the current team name and logo of the Washington Redskins team with redesigned examples.

A spokesperson for EA Sports announced this important news at a press conference and said they were happy to see the management of the Washington NFL team make the right decision. At the end of last week, the Washington NFL team listened to the crowd's request to change the team's name, because Redskins has a certain racial discrimination. In order to provide players with more realistic games, EA Sports developers will update Madden 21 simultaneously. Because the Washington NFL team has not yet finalized what team name and logo will be used in the future, the Washington team in Madden 21 will use the common name and logo.

It is worth noting that since Madden 21 has confirmed that the game will be officially released on August 25 and has already started selling game discs. Therefore, players who purchased the game disc will find that the Washington team in the game still uses the previous team name and logo. Don't worry, EA is ready for it. After August 25th, players only need to connect to the game to trigger the team name and logo update.

Since the management of the Washington NFL team has not announced the new name of the team, the name of the team will be displayed as the Washington team when the team name is involved in the game. As in the previous Madden game, in Madden 21, MUT 21 Coins has a very important role. If you want to get the rarest players, you need to collect Madden 21 Coins in various ways. But if you visit MMOSPT, you will Buy Madden 21 Coins and definitely be attracted by their services. MMOSPT is a third-party game service store with many years of service experience, is considered to be the best MUT Coins online store and enjoys a high reputation among the player community. Their professional team will deliver every Madden 21 Coins order as quickly as possible. Buying Madden Coins at MMOSPT will save you money easily.

"Changes to the name and logo will come through the main updates that will download automatically," the EA rep said. "The first changes will be available to our EA Access players and will include audio/commentary updates; motion graphics and presentation updates; stadium art, environments, crowd gear and signage updates; and uniform updates. Players may continue to see some outdated Washington references in other areas of the game at launch, but we are committed to removing all of those from the game in additional title updates coming shortly after launch."