The game Run 3 is played by running. The players will use a wide array of characters, each with their own distinct powers and characteristics, to navigate an endless network of tunnels located in space.

In order to avoid getting stuck in space, players will need to maneuver deftly within each tunnel by either jumping, moving to the left or right, or flipping the walls of the tunnel. It might sound simple, but the more you get into the game, the more challenging it will become. Because you will have to contend with things like shattered tiles and ramps, as well as darkness and other immaterial elements.

To overcome the holes, in addition to the challenges presented by the tunnel's obstructions, you will also need to perfectly align your jumps. The long leap and the short jump are the two categories that fall within the category of jumps. You will advance more quickly if you choose a jump that is well-timed and executed. Run away 3d