Ubisoft is done creating new content for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, even if  you bought an NFT - Opera News


Ubisoft will no longer create new content for Ghost Recon Breakpoint,

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the company announced Tuesday. The game gained notoriety with heavily criticized Digits NFTs from Ubisoft's Quartz platform, and the end of content creation means there will be no new NFTs for the game,

according to Ubisoft's announcement tweet. This marks the release of our final piece of content: a brand new Operation Motherland mode, dozens of new items including the 20th Anniversary Emblem Pack and quartz items for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and we hope you continue to enjoy the game and enjoy playing solo or co-op with your friends,” Ubisoft thanked players for purchasing Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFT on its Quartz website.

Games — and promises that NFT will drop even more in the future. “You own a part of the game and leave your mark in history,” Ubisoft said, “as Ghost Recon Breakpoint's final digit is released on 3/17/2022, stay tuned for more updates.