Be ready for a new generation in farming with the developed New Holland Excel and New Holland Turbo Super tractors. These innovative machines are set to redefine the way we farm, delivering unprecedented performance, efficiency and era.

New Holland Excel: Increasing accuracy and productivity

The New Holland Excel collection represents a new dimension in precision farming. Equipped with the current generation of GPS and automatic structures, these tractors allow precise planting, fertilisation and harvesting. The price deals between 6.90 lakhs to 14.80 lakhs. Say goodbye to guesswork and welcome a new level of precision that optimises crop yields and minimises waste of useful resources.

New Holland Turbo Super: Performance meets sustainability

Meet the engine of sustainability - New Holland Turbo Super tractors. These green powerhouses combine turbocharged engines with superior emissions control systems, reducing their carbon footprint without compromising on electricity. The price ranges between 6.90 lakhs to 13.80 lakhs. Experience the best combination of raw electricity and environmental responsibility as you tackle the effects of heavy-duty.

Find your nearest New Holland tractor dealer

Are you excited to bring these wonders to your fields? Find your nearest New Holland tractor dealer to witness the fate of farming up close. Trained professionals will guide you through the features, benefits and customisation alternatives to ensure you choose the ideal tractor to suit your farm's unique needs.


New Holland Excel and New Holland Turbo Super tractors are not just machines; they can be agricultural partners on the way to redefining the way of farming. Embrace innovation, precision and sustainability – all wrapped in iconic New Holland tractor premium quality. Visit your neighbour these days and be part of the rural revolution.