That's quite possible. As a rule, to select personal music as a ringtone, just go to your phone settings, in the Sounds and Vibrations section, use the built-in audio player or open the file manager. Usually, after selecting an audio file, the option "Set as ringtone" (or equivalent name) appears. But alas, as is often the case with Android, the manipulation varies greatly from one phone to another, depending on the make and model of the phone, as well as the system version and overlay set by the manufacturer. Some producers are content with the bare minimum, while others offer very advanced features, such as selecting the exact passage in a song or even extracting audio from videos, including sequences shot on a mobile phone. You can find many suitable ringtones for your phone in the All Ringtones website. There I was able to download a suitable feeling good ringtone for myself, which turned out to be quite interesting.