Full Sail University, a technologically-focused Madden 22 coins institution located in Florida has joined forces with streaming platform Klic.gg and the T.Ross Podcast to broadcast to broadcast the jump Off: Madden NFL 22 Finals.

The event will host by Orlando Magic guard Terrence Ross and Stephen Madison, executive producer and co-host of the T.Ross Podcast. The event will be held at Orlando, Florida. The tournament will offer an estimated $24,000 (~PS17,600) prize pool.

According to a release, the tournament is officially sponsored by EA Games, the developer of the Madden franchise. It will include Madden players, and the creators of content and famous personalities.

The event will take place live on the Full Sail University Orlando Health Fortress which is the biggest college sports arena within the United States. The qualifiers in the championship will take place online, and the finalists will be granted a trip to Florida to play in the finals.

Terrence Ross, who madden coins is the Co-Host of the T.Ross Podcast , and NBA Slam Dunk Champion, said: "Being in the position in my life to host a real Madden esports event was a no-brainer. It was a matter of bringing this idea to life with the assistance of our co-host Jose from KL?C.gg and the entire team there at Full Sail University in Orlando where the live event will be held It's the perfect recipe for an event that nobody has previously put on!"