Join us for an illuminating interview with Charles Simon, CEO of Future AI. Learn about their groundbreaking work in AI and how it’s poised to transform industries worldwide


Charles, could you elaborate on how your professional experiences and background have contributed to your current position as CEO of Future AI?

Because I am a serial entrepreneur, I have a mindset of not accepting things as they are, but observing how they could be better and then trying to implement improvements. 

My initial exposure to computers was shortly after Turing’s original paper arguing that machines could think in a humanlike way if they were programmed properly. Because I’ve always been interested in how an agglomeration of billions of neurons might be able to think, I was inspired to write my original Brain Simulator program in the early 1990s. Subsequently, I wrote much of the software for several neurological tests instruments which gave me contact with the actual function of human neurons.


What inspired you to start Future AI, and what sets your company apart from other AI companies?

Most AI companies are based on machine learning and the underlying backpropagation algorithm. While these have contributed to solutions to a great many computer problems, it is obvious that the human brain cannot work that way.

A real shortcoming of commercial AI development is that we have tended to solve specific problems. As a result, we now have systems with super-human capabilities in limited areas, but without the common sense of the average three-year-old. Future AI’s approach is to implement the things a three-year-old can do and leverage these into applications. This represents a longer-term approach with a significantly greater potential payoff.

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