Final Fantasy XIV players have prepared enough FFXIV Gil and enjoying the MMO’s new Adventurer Plate feature. The player card system may have just been introduced in patch 6.1 earlier this week, but it has brought out the weirdness and the beauty of this massive playerbase. Adventurer Plates display player information, such as the Calling Card in Call of Duty or the Hunter Card in Monster Hunter.

Players will see Adventurer Cards at the start of Final Fantasy XIV’s PvP events, including the new Crystalline Conflict event. Players can customize these cards by posing as their characters, adding effects, and more. While it’s easy to set up a simple pose for your own character and call it quits, there’s still a lot of potential for creative poses that challenge the standard template.

The response to Adventurer Plates has been very positive. Almost as soon as Patch 6.1 went live on April 12, many Final Fantasy XIV players couldn’t wait to show off their custom gamer cards, including their character’s photo frame, their playstyle and weapons, and a simple catchphrase. Digging into the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit offers plenty of custom Adventurer Plates.

In the coming weeks and months, Final Fantasy XIV players may use their imaginations to present their characters in more creative ways. Adventurer Plates were a big focus in game director Naoki Yoshida’s recent Producer Live letter, and it seems like they’ve had a tremendous impact. And players can also buy enough FFXIV Gil at IGGM to add more glamours to their own. Come on!