Grinding Gear Games has announced on Twitter that Path of Exile will be getting the contents of the new expansion pack with Update 3.18 on May 13, 2022. The current Archnemesis Alliance, along with the Siege of Atlas expansion, will end in about five days.

Path of Exile will end its Archnemesis League in less than a month, meaning players only have a few weeks left to accumulate path of exile currency to start over with new characters when the new league goes live.

Grinding Gear Games plans to host a live stream in early May to reveal the next content expansion before the end of the Archnemesis League, which promises a host of new challenges along with more content and endgame improvements. Introduces "some engine improvements" to Path of Exile and controller support currently in beta on PC.

The expansion also introduces a new Atlas skill tree that allows players to invest the skill points they earn after completing the map. Like the character's primary passive skill tree, the Atlas skill tree helps players complete the endgame farming routine by improving the content of their chosen endgame.

Elsewhere, Path of Exile 2 remains at a standstill. A standalone sequel has been pushed to 2024, with testing in 2023 following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in the absence of any development updates, those scheduled release windows could be further delayed.

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