A regular crypto wallet user might know about the hardware wallets, but if you are new here then you might not even know the difference between the Hardware wallets and the Software wallets. Once you learn the difference between them, your crypto trading journey will become a lot easier. After getting to know about the type of wallet, you can decide which wallet might be best for you. And if you have decided to proceed further with the hardware wallets then you should stay on this content and read what about a little bit more about a popular hardware wallet called Ledger and its software application called Ledger Live.

What Is Ledger Hardware Wallet?

Being an owner of a few crypto assets is not that much of a big deal, but keeping those assets secure is important. So, to fulfill this important task you will have to decide on a safe crypto wallet for you to protect all your assets. And the best wallet for it is the Ledger wallet. You can keep the crypto assets in this sign your transactions in an offline mode and then execute them. The wallet prevents your data from being shared online protects your funds from getting robbed and prevents your account from getting hacked. You can use the wallet by connecting the hardware device to a laptop, computer, or mobile. Remember to use this wallet you need the help of Ledger Live applications as well.

Ledger Live Application

Every hardware wallet present in the market has its software application as well. The reason behind this is to facilitate a communication bridge between the hardware wallet and the user. During the time of creating a fresh account on the wallet, it would be required for a trader and investor to download and install the application.  With the use of this application, you can purchase, sell, buy, stake, and trade among any of the listed crypto coins. Also, it would be easy for the users to keep track of their investments made till now so that you can stay updated with the price fluctuations. Given below are further features of the Ledger Live application:

  • You can use the feature of ParaSwap to directly exchange one crypto asset to another crypto platform without having to store it in the wallet. It saves up a lot of time for the users.
  • As explained earlier there is a feature of live tracking that helps the users check the current market price rate along with all the fluctuations.
  • The user can freely exchange, trade, buy, and sell any of the assets as they want. 

Summing it Up!

If you are concerned about safety, then there is no need because the wallet has been regarded as one of the secured wallets in terms of keeping the crypto assets safe. We hope that through our write-up you were able to get some insight about Ledger Live and if you want to know some more about the platform then you can visit the official website.