Market Overview

By 2032, the worldwide power quality equipment market size is expected to reach at least USD 45.769 billion. In addition, the worldwide power quality equipment market size is expected to reach at least 6.26% CAGR by 2032. One of the most important parameters that drive the evolution of the worldwide power quality equipment market comprises a rise in the requirement for power supply.

The equipment that is utilized for controlling power and offering uniform quality power supply is known as Power Quality Equipments. It assists in confirming a strong supply of power within a specific geographical range.

The quality of the power supply typically depends on numerous parameters. The power quality equipment measures and handles the standardized parameters like current, voltage dips, flicker, power, current, transients, and voltage.

Several power disturbances are also managed by this equipment. These initiatives aim to decrease the utilization of more than one piece of equipment in a power-driven system. Besides, the databases, i.e., the collection of the data and its analysis, are also supported by this equipment. 

Based on NLDC or National Load Dispatch Centre’s report in 2019, the regular power formation from hydel has increased by a minimum of 30%. This means that in 2019, the daily power generation reached 465 million units. Hence, this proves that the requirements for power quality equipment market growth have been uplifted continuously.

Moreover, the worldwide power quality equipment market is expected to flourish at a notable amount in the course of the prophesy period. This would happen because of the high rise in the power quality equipment market trends due to digitization in the industry of the telecommunication industry.

The relentless development of old grid frameworks and massive industrialization and urbanization would result in scopes for flourishment for the worldwide power quality equipment market trends. This results in the rise of the requirements for the power quality equipment industry in numerous advantages to confirm a continuous power supply regularly.  

Market Segmentation

The worldwide power quality equipment market has been classified under end-users, phase, region, and equipment. Depending on the phase, the market has been classified into three-phase and single-phase. The first segment is hoped to exceed the second because of its utilization in both industrial and commercial hubs. On the basis of equipment, the categories are – power quality meters, continuous power supply, and static power compensator.

Here, the second one is projected to exceed the others. On the basis of end-users, the power quality equipment market is categorized into manufacturing, residential, industrial, commercial, utilities, and transportation. Here the commercial category is projected to exceed the others.

Regional Analysis

The worldwide power quality equipment industry has been categorized into various regions such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia-pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. The huge rate of renovation, urbanization, remodeling, and the speedily evolving infrastructure and economy of North America has provided advantages to install the power quality equipment.

Moreover, the rising projects of distribution, and transmission, in the infrastructural development segment have expanded the opportunities for power quality equipment market growth. The regional government is trying to concentrate on upgrading the basic framework to overcome the power loss in the course of distribution and transmission.

Industry News 

Because of the increasing surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the worldwide rate of Voltage regulation equipment market share has been remarkably affected. However, the worldwide power equipment market is hugely competitive, and there are several players all over the world. These players have a notable number of work-planning to uplift their positions in the worldwide market.

The most significant strategies embraced by these key players comprise new infrastructural developments on the basis of current, voltage dips, flicker, power, current, transients, and voltage. This ensures the increment in their power quality equipment market share.

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