Ice velvet fabric, especially knitted fabric, is a popular fabric in recent years, and it is also a variety that consumers pay attention to. Diamond velvet fabric combines exquisite craftsmanship, elegant style, smooth suede, and attractive appearance. Then someone might compare various fabrics, such as diamond velvet and pure cotton, which one is better?

    In fact, there is no absolute difference between the two, it mainly depends on what you are using. If it is used as bedding, it is better to use cotton, because it will be more comfortable and sweat-wicking. And diamond velvet cloth will smell a little bigger, after all, it is an artificial material.

    In addition, ice velvet fabrics are easier to hide bacteria, which are not very good for girls and children. All-cotton fabrics are the best for bed sheets and quilt covers. They are comfortable, clean, and easy to clean.

    The advantage of diamond velvet fabric is that it is durable and very elastic. Most manufacturers also use it when making clothing, shoes, and bags. Diamond velvet is soft in texture and has strong warmth retention. It is also used in the production of scarves. Diamond velvet is harmless to the human body and is often used as a fabric for cleaning products such as towels. It can be said that diamond velvet has been widely used in daily life by the public.

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