The game is also adding a card for NBA 2K22 MT their director of digital marketing, Ronnie Singh. Quavo will be entering the game as an 89 overall point guard. The Game is starting at an 89 overall . However, he will be listed mostly as a shooting guard. In addition, Ronnie 2K will come in as an 88 general power forward.

These three athletes will be made available for be used for the MyTeam feature within the game. MyTeam is a mode of play that lets players create their own teams with NBA legends and now hip-hop stars too. Players must be able to complete the Triple Threat Challenges for each celebrity in order to unlock their cards.

Once they've completed the challenge, players will unlock the cards which can be used in any single player game mode. Although these may sound like difficult challenges, it should not be difficult since all of the challenges for each game type are set on the novice difficulty.

NBA 2K22 hasn't made any announcements nba mt for sale about plans to add more celebrities in their game modes. Despite this, many fans believe that the game will get some new characters in the coming days. The addition of three cards at once is a sign that fans are hopeful of another major release with a variety of stars included. Also, the celebrity All-Star game is set to start on February 18 and players are hoping to see more updates as the game moves closer.