Adventure Plates, one of the latest features of the Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 patch, are very popular right now. A lot of players are well-prepared for FFXIV Gil to experience the new content, and they can’t wait to experience them and make them NSFW. As is the fate of many fully customizable things, some players are using their adventure boards to show off their more NSFW aspects, posing their characters in suggestive ways.

Adventure Plates have been hugely popular, with player-made avatars ranging from cute to pretty to funny and meme-able, but many players involved in PvP are seeing piles of inappropriate cards, as GentlemanKari shared on Twitter. It has flooded both Twitter and Reddit with players sharing their likenesses, humble or not.

A quick look at either site shows some players are using these portraits to make their characters into Final Fantasy memes, while many more are making NSFW images. Fortunately, players can also change the settings for who can see them, and more filtering options may be available in the future. As of this writing, it can set Adventure Plates to public, friends only, or private.

While it did most portraits for pure fun, it should be important for players to consider the comfort and consent of their PvP team members. While the Adventure Plates feature is still in beta, it may change in future updates. Whether these updates will help or hinder Final Fantasy XIV players from making more NSFW portraits in the future remains to be seen. Players should buy enough FFXIV Gil on IGGM to make themselves more fun in the game.